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Real Coffee Bean Open August 2023

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

The Resurgence of Heritage: Real Coffee Bean Comes to the Red Lion in Burnley

The coffee industry has been, for the longest time, a blend of tradition and innovation. Every cup tells a story, whether it's of the beans’ journey from a faraway hillside or the transformation that occurs within a barista's deft hands. This year, an exciting new chapter is being added to Burnley’s coffee narrative with the opening of the Real Coffee Bean at the legendary 180-year-old restored Red Lion.

A Perfect Blend of Past and Present

The Red Lion, an iconic building in Burnley, has witnessed nearly two centuries of history. It has seen the ebbs and flows of time, the changes in the town, and the countless stories of those who walked through its doors. As it stood majestically painted in white, it silently promised a return to its former glory.

And what could be a better fusion than coupling such a historic venue with the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee? The Real Coffee Bean is not just any café. It prides itself on offering authentic, handcrafted beverages, ensuring each drink is as unique as the stories contained within the walls of the Red Lion.

Coffee that Celebrates Heritage

The choice of beans at the Real Coffee Bean isn't just about flavour but also about history. Much like the Red Lion, the café believes in celebrating the tales that come with every bean. From the highlands of Ethiopia to the sprawling estates of Brazil, each bean has a journey, and at this café, that journey is honoured

with every brew.

A Space for Everyone

While the Real Coffee Bean brings with it an array of aromatic delights, it's not just for the coffee aficionado. The café also caters to those looking to steep themselves in history. The restored interiors of the Red Lion, with its wooden beams, rustic furniture, and vintage charm, make it a haven for history buffs and architectural enthusiasts.

Wrapping It Up

As Burnley opens its arms to the Real Coffee Bean, it's not just welcoming a café but embracing a tale. A tale of beans and buildings, of aromas and architecture. It’s a testament to the town’s respect for its past and its hope for the future. So, the next time you find yourself yearning for a brew that's as rich in taste as it is in history, you know the Red Lion's doors are open for you.

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