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Humble Beginnings

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Real Big Group was launched with humble beginnings. One of our owners and chairwoman Charlotte Hagan kicked started the company with the purchase of Petty estate agents renamed as Petty Real. From there we quickly expanded launching Real Financial Advice and Real Legal.

Charlotte Hagan was born and bred in Burnley and has an ambition to utilise this up and coming town and its surrounding areas. According to Charlotte Burnley has the "strongest community feel that I have ever come across anywhere else in the world".

Charlotte noticed that global companies and local authorities were investing more in the area and as a result spotted the opportunity to invest in Burnley at the right time.

The newly launched University in Burnley town along with rising rental prices in larger cities has drawn some to re-locate to Burnley. Charlotte noticed a demand for both residential and commercial real estate and from their expanded the company to include Petty Commercial, and later Wright Marshall estate agents with a larger scope.

Real Big Group is now made up of 11 companies. We are an ambitious group and will continue to do what we do best now and well into the future.

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