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Our Dedication to Online Marketing

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Here at Real Big Group, we value online marketing. We are dedicated to our online marketing efforts and have taken steps to ensure that our company websites are 100% maximised for speed, usability, and Google ranking.

Computer screen our marketing
Definite Marketing

97% of customers search for services in their local area online. Since Real Big Group was established we have recognised the importance of online marketing efforts and as a result, have invested heavily and will continue to do so well into 2022 and beyond.

Our Strategy

Our strategy in terms of online marketing is heavily based on SEO and PPC. As our target customers are predominantly searching for our services online our goal is to establish high search engine ranking for all of our companies in the Real Big Group.

To date, we have achieved many of our online marketing goals. Our established company websites all have a strong ranking position. Organic ranking is crucial for us. We view organic ranking as long-term planning. Of course, we also invest in PPC, but to ensure a strong SERP position now and well into the future organic ranking is the main focus for us.

How We Do It

We utilised the services of industry experts such as the team at Definite Marketing. Definite Marketing is a specialist digital marketing agency based in Dublin and Manchester. The company has helped us to establish a strong online presents and Google ranking position across our various websites.

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